writer, journalist and critic

Cecilia Urbina has crafted a magical and sophisticated tale of three Mexican travelers who come together in Angkor, Cambodia, a place "between reality and story," where its visitors hunger to breathe new life into their own histories, memories and imaginations through the transformative power of storytelling. Inventive, highly engaging and perceptive about the creative impulse, A Tuesday Like Today proves its dictum: "The things you read create visions that wait to be discovered."

Rigoberto González, author of Men without Bliss

A Tuesday Like Today is a map of our longing against our own powers of destruction. What is a novel today but a longing for meaning among tourists and casual characters? Looking to fulfill the dream of Angkor in the heart of a ruined Cambodia, Urbina's novel endures "the usual crowd" from sophisticates to neurotics. A powerful, provocative book.

Julio Ortega, author of The Poetics of Change

A tour of exotic lands, imposing ruins, mysterious histories, and the deepest questions of personal and family legacies, A Tuesday Like Today is an intriguing and honest adventure into the heart of romance. Urbina interweaves stories of the past and present into a beautiful and intricately layered modern Mexican tapestry.

Carmen Tafolla, author of The Holy Tortilla and A Pot of Beans

Urbina weaves parallel stories into a vortex of unlikely coincidences and surprising resolutions. These stories voyage through time and space to a place where love and hatred colide. Nothing is certain but the certainty of uncertainty. Captivating!

Enrique Cortazar, acclaimed Mexican poet; former director of the Mexican Cultural Institute, San Antonio, Texas.